Hydra - Advanced ANPR engine

Hydra, our license plate identification engine, operates with the combination of the state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and traditional image processing, working with a reliability higher than 95%.

Ideal for software developers and integrators, our ANPR engine offers a high recognition speed ensured by the neural nets handcrafted by our own team of engineers besides some of the best neural networks available today (both trained on our own dataset) and the use of well proven image processing algorithms. Offering flexible and versatile possibilities of use, Hydra is built as a multistep modular processing pipeline which eases further research and development.

Observer - Configurable MMR engine

Using the most recent machine learning technologies and some neural nets handcrafted by our engineers, the Observer maker, model and vehicle colour recognition engine operates with an exceptional efficiency providing high accuracy and speed of recognition.

Utilizing a multistep processing that includes image pre-processing, vehicle detection, MMR, colour recognition and internal post processing, Observer is configurable as MMR and colour recognition are optional in the procedure. Our MMR Engine is beneficial for several cases of use that includes security, surveillance or any type of segmentation.


Hydra and Observer SDKs – The SDK for both engines is provided as a standalone development kit. For Windows systems all dependencies are included along with the required files for integrating with other software. For linux systems we provide most of the dependencies and some basic packages are required to be installed by the integrating developer.
Both engines provide a native C API for integration with various programming languages and we also include a managed API wrapper written in C# with .NET Standard 2 for ease of use.
The SDKs also provide multiple example applications and their source code to demonstrate the usage of the engine APIs.


Octo - Light weight traffic management application

Octo is our traffic management and data collection application capable of gathering information from multiple traffic cameras at the same time.

With its user-friendly interface Octo is the best choice for the monitoring of transportation hubs or any other sites and the collection of data used for statistical purposes. You can simultaneously operate with up to 8 cameras within the application. Any IP camera capable of H.264 streaming with Real Time Streaming Protocol is compatible with Candid’s Octo. Offering integration possibilities the application requires small amount of configuration by its user and can be used from a browser providing a simple solution of traffic monitoring designed with several years of experience in the field of smart traffic solutions.

SekurZone - Complex traffic management software

SekurZone is a modularly extendable multipurpose traffic management software capable of the surveillance and control of highly complex and extensive transportation networks of larger areas.

It provides several possibilities of integration and offers a variety of traffic supervision and management solutions such as automatic license plate recognition, the management of access control systems and sending alerts through common communication channels (SMS and/or E-mail). Its system is built on three isolated components: Central, Data Processor Unit (DPU) and Administrator. All of these units must be connected in order for the software to work properly. Sekurzone is an easily scalable software ideal for the control of the transportation systems of cities, districts or any other objects.


Cyclops+ - ANPR camera

Cyclops+ is our company’s ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) camera embedded with our own ANPR engine: the Hydra. Our embedded traffic camera, the Cyclops+ is capable to find and read vehicle registration plates, suitable for traffic monitoring and collecting of traffic data. Over and above, it is recognising not only the characters on the licence plates but the plate category and colour as well among other attributes. Using our Hydra engine makes possible fast recognitions with high accuracy. Cyclops+ camera comes in different resolutions depending on the needs of the customers. Cyclops+ is fitted with a user-friendly online interface complete with live view, report page and the possibility to create whitelists and blacklists for higher security purposes.

WieCan - Wiegand interface modul

The Wiegand Interface Module ensure an easy integration of the ANPR software into an access control system that supports Wiegand. The device converts license plate numbers recognized into Wiegand ID strings. There are two types of devices available: RS232 and RS485, both working with the same interfaces. The device can receive data through USB port that provides a virtual serial port or via RS232/485 port depending on the device. The Wiegand module converts the signal into Wiegand format and is easily integrated into access control systems. There are two use cases of the Module with our SekurZone software. The device can be connected to the Data Processor Unit (DPU) or directly to the ANPR camera. In both cases the Weigand device converts the number plate data to Wiegand protocol data and sends it to the access control system.

Custom solutions
& integrations

Candid ITS provides smart solutions to the contemporary challenges created by the swiftly changing everyday transportation. Our development and project leading knowledge allows us to effectively manage complex informatics projects in the industry, always ready to meet individual customer needs. In addition to personalized solutions, we are constantly expanding the integration options available.

Existing integration modules:

  • Lenel
  • Kaba
  • Siemens
  • GateKeeper
  • HoneyWell
  • Wiegand
  • SmartMicro

Turnkey Solutions

Candid ITS is the repository of smart traffic management solutions.

We provide comprehensive and turnkey state-of-the-art tools for all those involved in road traffic.

We offer solutions of the constantly changing challenges in every aspect of transportation including license plate recognition, barrier operation, access control system, traffic data collection or complex systems that contain any or all of these components.