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Intelligent, or in other words Smart solutions make our lives easier in all areas. Yet, considering the current tendency of population growth of cities, it is not enough to think in terms of Smart solutions that can be applied in individual areas, the comprehensive, complex solution of problems shall be endeavored. In the future, individual solutions should not function individually but in close cooperation in order to create and maintain more liveable conditions.

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Everyday transportation has clearly become the bottleneck of liveable modern cities. It is important to remember that the purpose of transportation and public transport is to improve the standard of living! Nevertheless, today transport is more likely to spoil than to improve the quality of urban life, therefore the smart monitoring and control of transportation is indispensable! The solutions offered by Candid ITS bring us one step closer to the implementation of the futuristic “Smart City” or rather even “Vision Zero”.


Software suitable for monitoring and managing transportation networks of greater complexity and size.

Ideal for: The management of transportation systems of cities, districts and objects.


Applications for traffic monitoring and data collection with user-friendly interface, for the management of even eight traffic cameras.

Ideal for: The monitoring of transportation hubs, sites, as well as for the collection of statistical data.


License plate identification module , with high recognition speed and a reliability higher than 95%, offering flexible and versatile possibilities of use.

Ideal for: software developers and integrators.


Traffic monitoring camera, with a resolution matching the needs of the customer, with embedded Hydra license plate recognition module.

Ideal for: The monitoring of traffic with a low number
of vehicles, for the collection of traffic data.

Our systems supplied with Cyclops CamsCyclops. More information.


Test Hydra, the ANPR/OCR module of Candid ITS!

You can gain first-hand experience about the accuracy and reliability of Hydra, the character and license plate recognition module of Candid ITS. It makes the test even more credible that you can do all this by uploading the photo made by you.

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Candid ITS with headquarters in Europe is a software development company with several decades of experience. Responding to the rapidly changing and growing expectations of our world today Candid ITS provides highly flexible and modular solutions supported by the tools of state-of-the-art information technology, not only to large enterprises, but to private individuals as well. When it comes to business applications, decision support systems or transportation engineering solutions and facility surveillance, Candid ITS will offer turnkey SMART solution absolutely meeting the requirements.

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