Goodbye Intertraffic, goodbye Amsterdam!

Now that the 50th anniversary Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam has come to an end, we would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to expand our business relations and knowledge, and we would like to thank the plenty of visitors from around the world who were interested in Candid ITS’s exhibition as well. 

We could successfully introduce our technologies to the audience in Amsterdam for the first time in Europe, who showed the greatest interest in our embedded technology out of our very own traffic solutions. We were able to negotiate with inquirers from every corner of the globe from South America to Australia, creating fruitful and hopefully long-term business relationships.

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Hydra Automatic Number-Plate Recognition engine

“…Automatic Number-plate Recognition engine combines innovative machine learning technologies with the traditional image processing…” Hydra is an Automatic Number-plate Recognition engine that combines the

Observer MMR Engine

Using the most recent machine learning technologies and some neural nets handcrafted by our engineers, the Observer maker, model and vehicle colour recognition engine

Embedded traffic camera the Cyclops+

Cyclops + is our company’s ANPR camera embedded with Candid ITS’s very own automatic licence plate recognition engine: the Hydra, which ensures a high